Kauai Coffee: The Real Hawaiian Coffee

entrance to Kauai Coffee

Why this should be on your island bucket list

I know you’ve heard of Kona coffee. It’s some of the most expensive in the world and super good, I admit. But … if you are on Kauai you have to try what I think is the real Hawaiian coffee – Kauai Coffee.

First thing, visit their website to learn a lot more about the history of coffee on Kauai. The Kauai Coffee Company grows 4 million coffee trees (yes, they are a tree, not a bush!) on 3,100 rain-fed acres. They are the largest coffee grower in the United States.

Why visit?

To get a real feel and taste for Kauai you have to visit their headquarters. It’s not far from Poipu (may 20 minutes). Look for directions below.

There are big signs outside of Kalaheo directing you to the main store. You’ll park on a gravel lot that is literally surrounded by coffee trees. Once inside you’ll see the merch that Kauai Coffee sells. I personally have lots of their t-shirts and mugs. You can join the club (I recommend it) so you can enjoy Kauai Coffee all year long. It’s about $24.95 a month but totally worth it!

Now, the coffee

Go out through the back door of the store and you are on the tasting lanai. They have dozens of varieties of coffee you can sample and even a small snack shop where you can have coffee drinks made with real Kauai Coffee.

You can also watch a video of how coffee is grown, harvested, and processed. You can also go on a tour (which I also recommend). Wait until there’s a tour guide and things will make more sense. Hawaii is the land of rainbows, so on one visit, a rainbow made an appearance over the planation!

A full rainbow appears over the Kauai Coffee Plantation

A taste of paradise

So, what does the coffee taste like? If you stay with us in Kahala 623 you’ll have received a one-pot sample. They have tons of varieties, each with subtle differences.

By and large, Kauai coffee is milder than Kona and much milder than Starbucks. I’d call it “sweet”. It’s a wonderful flavor, however. We’ve tried all of their varieties and can’t find one I dislike.

If you are into stronger coffee, just put in more than the recommended tablespoon per cup.

Phone them: (800) 545-8605

Hours are 9 – 5 all days except holidays (when they have shorter hours). Check their website for details.


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