Kilauea Lighthouse: The Little Lighthouse that Could

kilauea lighthouse

How a tiny lighthouse saved some pilot’s bacon!

Perched on the edge of a very steep cliff sits one of Kauai’s most famous landmarks: The Kilauea Lighthouse. You can learn a lot more about this place by visiting the Kilauea Point Natural History Association’s website.

Worth the short drive

Before you reach Princeville you will see a quick turn to Kilauea. It’ll be on your right. Travel through the small town of Kilauea and stop at the shopping center to get a feel for the eclectic vibe.

The Kilauea lighthouse is only 52 feet tall but sits atop a 180 foot cliff. You can go inside the lighthouse but only on tours twice a week. There is a $10 fee to get into the area – which is also a bird refuge.

The story goes that the first flight from the mainland to Hawaii almost missed the islands altogether. But as the crew was heading past Kauai the distinct double flash of the Kilauea Lighthouse served as a beacon. They landed safely and sort of lit the way for the rest of us tourists!

There is a lot to enjoy around the lighthouse. It’s actually a bird refuge and there are a ton of boobies, White-tailed Tropicbirds, Wedge-tailed Shearwater, and many others. You can hike around the grounds, shop in the gift shop and even eat a picnic.

Be sure to look around because out on this point you have a great view up and down the north coast and could even spot whales spouting out in the water, if it’s the right time of year.

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