Relaxing on Poipu beach

Poipu Beach with a rainbow

The beach on Kauai

If there was one place on Kauai I would say you have to visit, it’s Poipu Beach County Park. Located on the sunny south side of the island, Poipu Beach Park features some of the best snorkeling on the island, as well as some of the easiest in and out for snorkeling. It is also probably the best sit-on-the-beach-and-relax place you’ll find.

Parking at Poipu Beach

Park in the large lot to your right as you approach. It’s a big lot so you might have to drive around a bit. Get there before 10 to get primo spots. There are restrooms and a nearby deli (Brenneke’s) where you can get awesome sandwiches and drinks (and cookies!). 

Why Poipu Beach is so great!

The beach is divided up into two segments. As you walk up the grassy knoll, the shallow kids area is to your right. Keep going past the life guard station and down the slope just a little. That’s the best place to sit – you are still in the breeze but have the best view. If you go to your right the breeze gets cut off and it can get awfully hot.  

Further to your right is the Honu Bar – a great place to unwind after a stressful day at the beach and grab your favorite beverage or meal and watch the sunset. Oh yeah, the can have the most incredible sunsets here. Take a look at this short video I shot on my iPhone one day while walking back to my car. 

Amazing sunsets on Poipu Beach


One of the neat things about Poipu Beach is the wildlife. You can view Monk Seals sunning themselves on the beach as well as sea turtles. There are volunteers that help explain why the Monk Seal is a protected species. If you watch long enough you might see them enter or exit the water. Don’t swim with them, though, they aren’t that nice in the water!

Turtles also come up occasionally. Be sure not to touch them as they sleep on the beach. If you get a chance to swim with them, remember that it’s illegal to touch them.

Sea turtles

In recent years the sea turtles have made a come back at Poipu Beach. In the morning you’ll likely find them sleeping on the baby beach (to your left as you enter the park). Don’t get within 10 feet – it’s state law. In the water on the right side if you head towards the little island you can see them sleeping under a small shelf. Mostly though, just keep your eyes out. If you go out towards the edge of the reef and swim to your right you can often see them swimming by.

An Aerial View


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