Nawiliwili Beach

The closest beach to the Lihue Airport is Nawiliwili. Take two lefts from the airport onto Rice Street and you’ll go downhill and end up a Nawiliwili harbor. Turn left where you see Mariachi’s on your right. It’s a small road that takes you behind a small restaurant and and beach rentals and in front of a clothing store. Go over the historic bridge and you’ll find parking.

To get to the beach you can cross the footbridge to Duke’s or gain access from the parking lot. There are boat and surf board rentals and you’ll see folks paddle boarding in the small swell. If you are lucky, you can spot the local sailing club out on maneuvers.

Dip you feet into the warm Hawaiian waters and feel the calm spirit of Kauai seep into you. It’s time to catch the aloha spirit and relax! If you’re hungry, try Duke’s as a great first meal.

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