Brenneke’s Beach Broiler Overlooking Poipu

A mainstay at Poipu Beach is Brenneke’s Beach Broiler Restaurant. It sits just across the street from Poipu Beach County Park. it’s a second story restaurant so if you are lucky to get a window seat you can see the beach and the ocean.

The Food and the Service

So can’t say enough good about the food. We had a salad and fish tacos (do I sense a pattern here?). Beers were awesome and the service was top notch. They really cared about you and checked back regularly. The place is super popular but you can usually find a spot.

Downstairs they have a little shop with some cute things and the deli which we go to regularly for breakfast and lunch!. You can read our take on the deli by clicking on the link. Brenneke’s isn’t super cheap but way less than a restaurant in Kukui’ula shopping mall.

The atmosphere is great. They have college flags and hats all over the interior supporting various college and pro football teams.


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