Brennecke’s Beach Deli

Front of Brennecke's Beach Deli

I know how it feels. You’ve come down to Poipu Beach, found just the right spot to plop down your Tommy Bahama’s beach chairs and umbrella – and you’ve spent the morning relaxing and swimming and snorkeling at one of the best beaches in the world.

Now, you’re hungry. You look at your phone (the first time all day!) and see that it’s past noon and your stomach is rumbling. The problem is, you are so relaxed you don’t want to haul all your gear back to your place or to a restaurant.

Brennecke’s Beach Deli to the rescue!

Brennecke’s Beach Deli is just across the street from Poipu Beach Park. The top floor is the Broiler – a good, if a bit spendy, restaurant. The bottom is the deli.

It’s inexpensive, quick, and cool inside. You enter and order breakfast sandwiches in the morning or one of their panini sandwiches at lunch. They have all kinds of options. Lots of times we have a roast beef or ham sandwich cut in half.

They offer cold beer, soft drinks and – lest I forget – divine chocolate chip cookies. And the people are so nice. Ask them for a frequent flyer card and you can earn a free sandwich!

Yes, they have shave ice too!


  1. Best place to see sunset is any Beach you can finde !

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