The Easyish Kuamo’o Nounou Trail

The vista from the Nounou Trail

You may have heard of the Sleeping Giant – a picturesque mountain above Lihue and Waimea on Kaua’s East Side. There are two ways to climb this mountain. This is the easy one – but a warning, it’s longer than the guidebooks tell you and is no where near as scenic as the other trail, Nounou East Trail (we have a review of that one too!).

The Trail

This trail starts from the west side instead of the southeast. It’s a much easier climb, pretty gentle most of the way. You start out walking between two fields, go through a gate, then over a pretty bridge and into the forest canopy.

Okay, it’s really the plant canopy – huge bushes grow over the trail most of the way. It’s shady, a plus on a hot day, but not as picturesque as the more famous Nounou Trail.

About halfway you come out into a vista to the north and northwest. There’s a picnic spot and a place to rest before continuing on. Eventually you come into the forest itself and join up with one of the other trails leading up to the summit.

Don’t believe the guidebooks – this trail’s length is only to where the other trails meet. It’s a mile or so from there to the summit.

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