Brennecke’s Beach

Image of the sand and beach at Brennekes Beach

Looks fun, but be aware of big waves

Brennecke’s Beach sits at the bottom of the greenway at Poipu Kai and right next door to Poipu Beach Park. If you are staying at Kahala 623 or elsewhere in Poipu Kai, it’s a favorite place to see Honu (Green Sea Turtles) in the morning and the sunset in the evening.

There are times when Brennecke’s is calm enough to snorkel or boogie board but most of the time this is a place to look at the water, but not enter it!

Big waves come rolling in here and there are lots of rocks that can seriously injure or kill you if you are not careful.

Brennecke’s Beach Broiler has a webcam, mainly looking at the south side of Poipu Beach Park, but it gives you an idea of the general conditions.

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